SRM-RRI-MSU webinar series - Virtual fencing for grazing cattle: Lessons learned - Alexandra Harland - Feb 3, 2023

Alexandra Harland, MSc student supervised by Drs. Edward Bork and Carolyn Fitzsimmons, talks about her research evaluating virtual fencing at the Roy Berg Kinsella Research Ranch. Alex presented at the Society for Range Management - International Mountain Section winter 2023 webinar series in partnership with the University of Alberta Rangeland Research Institute and Montana State University.



Cows on the Planet Podcast: Episode 16- Are cattle using too much land? - March 9, 2022

Join Dr. Edward Bork as he talks about land use by cattle and what happens if grazers are removed from the landscape. Thanks to podcast host Dr. Kim Stanford and co-host Dr. Tim McAllister from the University of Lethbridge.

Link to the Podcast, originally aired on March 9, 2022: Are Cattle Using Too Much Land? (32 min)

Cows on the Planet Podcasts

Home on the Native Range - Flagstaff County: The Podcast - Feb 10, 2022

Dr. Edward Bork is the Mattheis Chair in Rangeland Ecology and Management at the University of Alberta, and also serves as the Director of the Rangeland Research Institute at the U of A. Dr. Bork and Flagstaff County Agricultural Fieldman, Harry Brook, engage in a wide-ranging conversation about native range management. They discuss best management practices, including drought management (50 minutes).


Link to the Podcast, originally aired on Feb 10, 2022: Native Range Management with Dr. Edward Bork 

Agroforestry for Climate Change Mitigation - Webinar - April 2021

University of Alberta RRI-affiliated researchers, Dr. Scott Chang, Dr. Edward Bork, Dr. Cameron Carlyle, Cole Gross, and Zhengfeng An, present research results in this Agroforestry workshop.

Rangeland Research in Alberta and Saskatchewan - Webinar - March 2021

University of Alberta and University of Saskatchewan researchers gave a webinar update about several current rangeland and cattle production related projects on March 5, 2021.

  • Brendan Bischoff (University of Alberta, U of A) - Grassland forage and litter response to wildfire
  • Sera Grover (University of Saskatchewan, U of S) - Grazing impacts on the long-term recovery of prairie affected by wildfire
  • Dr. Eric Lamb (U of S) - Cattle movement and habitat selection in large Mixedgrass prairie pastures
  • Dr. Cameron Carlyle (U of A) -Carbon Storage in rangelands of the Canadian Prairie
  • Lisa Raatz (U of A) - Assessing herbicides as a tool for managing Japanese brome and wild licorice in native rangelands
  • Dr. Edward Bork (U of A) - Cattle performance while grazing mixed grassland varies with predicted Residual Feed Intake and cow age

Alberta Land Use Services (ALUS) Extension Workshop - Adaptive Multi-Paddock Grazing Research Results - March 2021

University of Alberta Adaptive Multi-Paddock Grazing Research study led by Dr. Mark Boyce includes many ranch locations across western Canada including at the Mattheis Research Ranch. Researchers share some of their results at the ALUS workshop held online March 3 & 4, 2021.


Hilda, Acadia Valley, Burstall Post-Fire Grassland Forage Recovery Workshop - May 2018

On May 10, 2018 Dr. Cameron Carlyle from University of Alberta and Dr. Eric Lamb from University of Saskatchewan hosted a post-fire forage recovery workshop in Hilda, Alberta. 47 people attended the workshop and ranchers affected by the fall 2017 wildfires were asked to consider signing up to be part of the joint research project looking at grass recovery.


Western Sky Land Trust - Alberta Lands: Connecting Generations - Oct 2017

The success story of conserving the 12,300 ac Mattheis Research Ranch in southern Alberta is celebrated and beautifully told by Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, The Honorable Lois Mitchell; Jerry Brunen, Executive Director of Western Sky Land Trust; and graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Alberta. The importance of the land, the generousity of Edwin and Ruth Mattheis for their long-term vision, the partnership between the University of Alberta Rangeland Research Institute and Western Sky Land Trust, and what it means to a younger generation is told in this video production. The video production was created at the Mattheis Research Ranch in July 2017 and the video launch took place in Calgary, Alberta on October 23, 2017.

Managing Grazing and Cropping to Regenerate Soil Carbon and Ecosystem Services - Feb 2017

Dr. Richard Teague from Texas A&M presented some of his research and philosophy about managing grazing systems. He presented to an audience of researchers, graduate, and undergraduate students at the University of Alberta in Edmonton - February 15, 2017.

Review of current research on rangeland ecosystems goods and services in Alberta - Nov 2016

Dr. Daniel Hewins presented research that he and his collaborators, Drs. Cameron Carlyle and Edward Bork, are currently working on in Alberta rangelands. Research includes work on grassland carbon storage, grazing, and greenhouse gases presented at the 7th Annual Canadian Forage and Grassland Association in Winnipeg, MB - November 14, 2016.

An Overview of Canada's Rangeland and Pasture Resources

RRI Director, Dr. Edward Bork, gave the first plenary session presentation at the 10th International Rangeland Congress held in Saskatoon, SK - July 2016.

Current Research on Environmental Goods and Services in Alberta Grasslands - June 2016

Dr. Edward Bork gave an overview of research being conducted on environmental goods and services in Alberta grasslands in Lanigan, SK - June 2016.

Water Research on Alberta Grasslands - May 2016

Dr. Edward Bork presented an overview of water research at the Agricultural Water Management Workshop in Edmonton, AB - May 2016.

Overview of Grassland Research: Environmental Goods and Services, Carbon, and Drought - March 2016

Dr. Edward Bork, Dr. Dan Hewins, and Dr. Cameron Carlyle gave a joint presentation about their respective research on Environmental Goods and Services, Carbon, and Drought to the Alberta Forage Industry Network in Leduc, AB - March 2016.

Weed management - Feb 2016

Dr. Edward Bork presented research results about Canada Thistle control in pastures using herbicides, fertilizers, and rotational grazing - February 2016.

Aspen Management

Dr. Edward Bork speaks about the cattle industry's evolving perspectives on aspen management, as part of the Department of Renewable Resources Seminar Series: