Our Facilities

The RRI conducts and promotes rangeland-related research at a network of facilities throughout Alberta.

Research and teaching activities are currently concentrated at the Mattheis Research Ranch, located in the mixedgrass prairie, and the Roy Berg Kinsella Research Ranch, located in the aspen parkland of Alberta.

In addition to initiating long-term research programs at these core facilities, the RRI has the opportunity to facilitate, lead, and collaborate on research efforts at the University of Alberta, provincial and federal facilities shown below.

University of Alberta
Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences
Edmonton Research Station | Forage breeding & agronomic research, field trials, sample processing, teaching
St. Albert Research Station | Forage breeding & agronomic research, field trials
Breton Plots | Field trials in "Gray-Wooded" aka Gray Luvisolic soils
University of Alberta Botanic Garden | Plant diversity & ecosystem restoration research, teaching

Government of Alberta
Agriculture and Rural Development
Crop Diversification Centre South | Field trials, greenhouse experiments, research collaboration, teaching

Government of Canada
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Lethbridge Research Centre | Field trials, beef research, research collaboration
Onefour Research Sub-Station
Stavely Research Sub-Station