Graduate Theses

Graduate Student Theses

Graduate student theses produced at the University of Alberta that relate to rangelands are listed in the table below. Click on the title to view or download a copy of the thesis. The table is searchable by keywords (e.g. '2018 and MSc' will show only the 2018 MSc theses). The Locations heading shows research that has taken place at Mattheis Ranch, Kinsella Ranch, Stavely or Onefour Research Stations.

YearAuthor and Thesis titleDegreeSupervisor(s)Locations
2021Batbaatar Amgaa, Ecosystem sensitivity to variation in precipitation and defoliation across grasslands of AlbertaPhDCarlyle, CahillMattheis Ranch, Kinsella Ranch, Onefour and Stavely Research Stations, other locations in Alberta
2020Sara Barszczewski, Simulated Livestock Soil Compaction, Plant Defoliation and Litter Removal Effects on Extracellular Enzyme Activity and Vegetation Across a Moisture Gradient in Southern Alberta, CanadaMScCarlyle, HaoStavely Research Station, Onefour Research Station, others
2020Junhong Lui, Assessment of rumen microbiota in beef heifers with different feed efficiency and managed under different feeding systemsMScGuan, PlastowMattheis Ranch, Kinsella Ranch
2020Margarete Dettlaff, Drivers of trembling aspen secondary chemistry and impacts on plant communities in the aspen parkland.PhDCahillKinsella Ranch
2020Dauren Kaliaskar, Cultivation and Grazing Impacts on Extracellular Enzyme Activity in Alberta GrasslandsMScChang, Bork, CarlyleMattheis Ranch, others
2020Lori Schroeder, Grassland vegetation diversity responses to the reintroduction of Wood Bison (Bison bison athabascae) in Aishihik, YukonMScSchmiegleow, BorkYukon
2019Kassia James, Mitigating effects of access mats on construction traffic in Mixedgrass Prairie of AlbertaMScBork, Carlyle, QuideauMattheis Ranch
2019Kristine Dahl, Relationships of range health scores with grazing management practices and producer perspectives in Alberta, CanadaMScBork, ParkinsAlberta
2019Craig DeMaere, The relationship of plant diversity to Alberta's Range Health AssessmentMScCarlyle, BorkAlberta
2019Megan Ljubotina, Behaviour of Helianthus annuus L.: an ethogram for sunflower, and the effect of potential competitors on soil nutrient patch useMScCahillKinsella Ranch
2019Preston Sorenson, Quantifying the Spatial Distribution of Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Using Reflectance SpectroscopyPhDQuideauAlberta
2019Robert Mukiibi, Identification of functional genes for feed efficiency traits via transcriptome analyses to enhance the genomic prediction accuracy in beef cattlePhDLiKinsella Ranch
2019Tien Weber, Application of manure from cattle fed with different diets affects soil properties and greenhouse gas emissionsMScChang, HaoAlberta
2018Carly Moore, Rangeland Habitat Use and Activity of Cattle with Divergent Molecular Breeding Values for Residual Feed IntakeMScBork, PlastowMattheis Ranch
2018Nicky Lansink, Performance and Methane Emissions of RFI Selected Cattle in Drylot and Under Open Range ConditionsMScPlastow, BorkMattheis Ranch
2018Lysandra Pyle, Influence of management and disturbance history on germinable seed bank composition and legume recruitment in Alberta’s Central Parkland and Dry Mixedgrass prairiePhDBork, HallMattheis Ranch, Kinsella Ranch, other Alberta locations
2018Ekaterina Stolnikova, Long-term grazing effects on soil greenhouse gases emission and soil microbial communities of Alberta grasslandsMScCarlyle, BorkMattheis Ranch, Kinsella Ranch, other Alberta locations
2018Caroline Martin, Displacement and Mortality of Birds by High Voltage Transmission Lines in the Canadian Dry Mixed PrairieMScNielsen, BorkMattheis Ranch
2018Faezeh Najafi, Evaluating impacts of high voltage transmission line construction on Dry Mixedgrass prairie in AlbertaMScBork, CarlyleMattheis Ranch
2018Kyle Springer, Monitoring Phenology of Boreal Trees Using Remote SensingMScGamonAlberta
2018Jacqueline Dennett, Search and rescue: detection and mitigation of rare vascular plant speciesMScNielsenMattheis Ranch, others
2017Xiaozhu (Sean) Chuan, Effect of Grazing on Litter Decomposition and Extracellular Enzyme Activity across Agro-climatic Subregions in AlbertaMScBork, CarlyleMattheis Ranch, Kinsella Ranch, Stavely Research Station, others
2017Angela Phung, The effects of defoliation on growth, reproduction and pollination of a non-native legume (Astragalus cicer) in the Mixedgrass prairieMScCarlyle, MansonMattheis Ranch
2017Gisela Stotz, The Drivers of Invasive Species Establishment and Impact on Ecological and Evolutionary Aspects of Resident Plant CommunitiesPhDCahillMattheis Ranch, Kinsella Ranch, others
2017Mina Kiani, Soil Quality Dynamics and Spatial Heterogeneity in Grasslands and Cropping Systems in Western CanadaMScHernandez-RamirezMattheis Ranch, Breton Research Station, others
2017Ran Wang, Assessing diversity of prairie plants using remote sensingPhDGamonMattheis Ranch, other locations (USA)
2017Ashton Sturm, Indicators of native bee communities in Alberta’s agricultural zoneMScCarlyleAlberta
2017Monica Kohler, Effects of environmental and disturbance gradients on native bee diversity, abundance and composition in Alberta’s prairiesMScCarlyleAlberta
2017Laurie Frerichs, Decadal assessment of successional development on reclaimed upland boreal well sitesMScNaeth, BorkAlberta
2017Fuyong Li, Rumen Microbiome Associated with Feed Efficiency and Host Genetics in Beef CattleMScGuanKinsella Ranch
2016Rebecca Kong, Contribution of the Rumen Epithelial Transcriptome and Microbial Community to Variation in Beef Cattle Feed EfficiencyMScGuanKinsella Ranch
2016Catherine Denny, Spatial heterogeneity of buffaloberry (Shepherdia canadensis) in relation to forest canopy patterns and its importance for grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) resource selectionMScNielsenAlberta
2016Mark Lyseng, Impact of Grazing on Alberta’s Northern Temperate GrasslandsMScBorkAlberta
2016Mark Baah-Acheamfour, Soil Organic Carbon Content and Stability, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Three Agroforestry Systems in Central Alberta, CanadaPhDChang, BorkAlberta
2015Jeannine Goehing, Competition impacts on hybrid poplar and implications for alternative establishment systems.MScMacdonald, BorkAlberta
2015Quinn Barber, Assessing the vulnerability of rare plants using climate change velocity, habitat connectivity and dispersal abilityMScHamann, NielsenAlberta
2015Jennine Pedersen, Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change on Rare Plants through Assisted MigrationMScNielsen, MacdonaldMattheis Ranch, others
2015Anna Shuina, Revegetation of fen peatlands following oil and gas extraction in northern AlbertaMScBorkAlberta
2014Tanner Broadbent, Clipping and watering effects on caespitose and rhizomatous grasses: Implications for grazing managementPhDBorkMattheis Ranch
2014Regina Dahl, Characterizing thorny buffaloberry (Shepherdia argentea) encroachment into the Mixedgrass Prairie in Alberta, Western CanadaMScBork, Dalgaard, BøcherMattheis Ranch
2014David Henkel-Johnson, Factors regulating tree-herb competition in young hybrid poplar plantationsMScMacdonald, BorkAlberta
2014Krista Fink, Landscape- and Micro-scale Habitat Selection by Greater Short-horned LizardsMScNielsen, PrussAlberta
2014Kajal Devani, Design and Demonstration of a High Throughput DNA Tracking System for Genetic Improvement and Brand Verification in the Canadian Beef IndustryMScPlastowAlberta
2014Pamela Belter, Relationships among diverse root foraging behaviours: understanding plant behavioural typesMScCahillKinsella Ranch
2014Meghan Nannt, Impacts of distance to pipeline disturbance on Mixedgrass prairie and Halimolobos virgata (Nutt.) O.E. Schulz (Slender mouse ear cress)MScNaethAlberta
2013Amanda Miller, Recovery of legumes in northern temperate pastures following the application of broadleaf herbicidesMScBork, HallAlberta
2013Shannon White, Consequences of altered precipitation, warming, and clipping for plant productivity, biodiversity, and grazing resources at three northern temperate grassland sites.PhDBork, CahillKinsella Ranch, others
2013Jonathan Bennett, Grassland plant community assembly: The role of environmental heterogeneity, evolutionary history, competition, and pollinationPhDCahillKinsella Ranch
2013Brian Karisa, Candidate genes, metabolites and biological pathways associated with Residual Feed Intake and carcass quality in beef cattlePhDWang, PlastowKinsella Ranch
2013Samson Nyanumba, Plant litter: direct and indirect effects of simulated climate change and clipping on its decomposition, and its effects on plant-plant interactionsPhDChang, CahillKinsella Ranch
2012Lindsay Glines, Woody plant encroachment into grasslands within the Red Deer River drainage, Alberta.MScMerrillAlberta
2012James Glasier, Community ecology of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the central sand hills of Alberta, and a key to the ants of Alberta.MScAcorn, NielsenAlberta
2012Alan Marsh, The influence of land-cover type and vegetation on nocturnal foraging activities and vertebrate prey acquisition by burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia).MScBayne, WellicomeAlberta
2012Tisa Girard, Habitat selection by feral horses in the Alberta foothills.MScBorkAlberta
2012Alicia Entem, Cost-effective conservation planning for species at risk in Saskatchewan's Milk River watershed: the efficiency gains of a multi-species approachMScAdamowicz, BoxallAlberta
2012Donald Wehlage, Monitoring year-to-year variability in dry mixed-grass prairie yield using multi-sensor remote sensing.MScGamonsouthern Alberta
2012Janet Scott, Evaluating water quality and biotic indices in the lower Little Bow River, Alberta.MScChanasykAlberta
2012Anayansi Cohen-Fernandez, Reclamation of a limestone quarry to a natural plant community.PhDNaethAlberta
2012Darin Sherritt, Festuca hallii (Vasey) Piper (plains rough fescue) and Festuca campestris Rydb (foothills rough fescue) response to seed mix diversity and mycorrhizae.MScNaethAlberta
2011Steven Tannas, Mechanisms regulating Poa pratensis L. and Festuca campestris Rybd. within the Foothills Fescue grasslands of southern Alberta.PhDBorkAlberta
2011Erin McLeod, Forage responses to herbicide weed control in grass-legume swards.MScBorkAlberta
2011Candace Nemirsky, Prairie plant species at risk in southern Alberta: identification of critical habitat at the microsite level for Halimolobos virgata (Nutt.) O.E. Schulz and determination of set back distance between pipeline disturbance and Halimolobos virgata and Cryptantha minima Rydb.MScNaethAlberta
2011Peggy Desserud, Rough fescue (Festuca hallii) ecology and restoration in central Alberta.PhDNaethAlberta
2011Johnny Montenegro-Ballestero, Sustainable management of natural rangeland ecosystems.PhDGrantAlberta
2011Jillian Kaufmann, Interactions between cattle grazing and forestry on Alberta's public lands.MScBorkAlberta
2011Aliah Adams, Conserving cougars in a rural landscape: habitat requirements and local tolerance in west-central AlbertaMScSt. ClairAlberta
2011Gerda Kits, The impact of social context on conservation auctions: social capital, leadership and crowding out.PhDAdamowicz, Boxall
2011Kimberly Ives, Predicting conservation status of North American avian and mammalian scavengers: implications of geography, life history, behaviour and human disturbance.MScNielsenAlberta
2010Anna Botey, Interdisciplinarity in ecosystem managementPhDGarvin
2010Timothy Antill, Biology and control of Russian thistle (Salsola tragus L.) in bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis Shaw) winter ranges in montane grasslands of Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.MScNaethAlberta
2010Shawna LaRade, Long-term agronomic and environmental impact of aspen control strategies in the Aspen Parkland.MScBorkAlberta
2010Laura Hamilton, Effects of natural gas development on three grassland bird species in CFB Suffield, Alberta, Canada.MScPaszkowskiAlberta
2010Michael Clark, Differential impacts of native and introduced ungulates on Rough Fescue Grassland root production and turnover.MScCahillKinsella Ranch
2010Yang Lin, Spatial patterns of vegetation and soil fertility along a grazing gradient in a desert steppe in Inner Mongolia, China.MScChangChina
2010Behnaz Attaeian, Biogeochemical cycling and microbial communities in native grasslands: responses to climate change and defoliation.PhDChang, CahillKinsella Ranch
2010Danielle Gabruck, Legume-grass forage mixes for maximizing yield and competitiveness against weeds in early establishment.MScBorkAlberta
2010Katherine Packman, Investigation of reverse auctions for wetland restoration in Manitoba.MScBoxallManitoba
2009Holger Spaedtke, Aversive conditioning on horseback: A management alternative for grassland systems threatened by sedentary elk populations.MScSt. ClairAlberta
2009Jennifer Walker, Kura clover (Trifolium ambiguum) seed production and establishment in Alberta.PhDKingAlberta
2009Hsuan-Ting Chen, Assessing riparian health of Astotin Creek of central Alberta.MScHeAlberta
2009Mae Elsinger, Reclamation status of plains rough fescue grasslands at Rumsey Block in central Alberta, Canada after oil and gas well site and pipeline disturbancesMScNaethAlberta
2009Rafael Avila-Flores, Black-tailed prairie dog declines in northwestern Mexico: species-habitat relationships in a changing landscapePhDBoutinMexico
2009Krista Bush, Genetic diversity and paternity analysis of endangered Canadian greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus)PhDPaszkowskiW Canada, USA
2009Philip De Witt, Ungulate guild dynamics: mechanisms and consequences for aspen-parklands.MScMerrillAlberta
2009Byron Shore, Mycorrhizal interactions of Festuca hallii (Vasey) Piper (plains rough fescue)MScCahillKinsella Ranch