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Plant and Wildlife Identification

Rangeland Health

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) provides the resources you need to assess the "health", or the ability to perform key ecological functions, of a given rangeland plant community type in Alberta.

Watch AESRD's Mike Alexander explain how to conduct a rangeland health assessment in the videos produced by the Beef Cattle Research Council for their Beef Research School series, below.


Information Portals

Alberta ESRD: Grazing and Range Management
Key information and resources about Alberta rangelands from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.
Technical information about the management of western Canadian rangelands in a variety of formats, from full peer-reviewed articles to concise, easy to understand summaries of research findings.

Global Rangelands

Database of more than 12,000 journal articles, websites, images, videos, maps, reports and decision making tools related to rangelands around the globe. Rangelands West is a partner site that focuses just on information pertinent to North American rangelands.

Range Science Information System (RSIS)

Over 1,400 bibliographic citations to peer-reviewed journal articles and technical documents related to rangeland management.

Foothills Restoration Forum

Plant community guides, recovery strategies, and other resources supporting the sustainable use of Alberta's native grasslands.

Alberta Land Use Knowledge Network
Resources and news related to current land use issues in Alberta.

Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA)

Information about agricultural projects, programs and events in your region of Alberta.

Call of the Land
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s long-running information and extension radio program.