Stavely Research Station

The Stavely Research Station is located in the Foothills Fescue natural sub-region of Alberta and consists of native fescue grasslands. The table below  is a list of research publications that have at least one field location at the Stavely Research Station. The table is searchable for specific topics using keywords (e.g. Willms and long-term grazing). Some publications are available for downloading (click on the title hyperlink); however, many have copyright restrictions. Specific publications can be requested for individual use by contacting Lisa at Please include author(s), year, and title in the email request for electronic pdf copies of publications.

Stavely Research Station, Alberta - fescue  prairie

Stavely Research Station Publications

AuthorsYearTitle & JournalKeywords
Batbaatar, A., Carlyle, C.N., Bork, E.W., Chang, S.X., Cahill, J.F. Jr. 2022Multi-year drought alters plant species composition more than productivity across northern temperate grasslands. J. Ecology. 110:197-209.climate extremes; drought; grasslands; plant species composition; precipitation manipulation; productivity
Zhang, Y., Gao, X., Hao, X., Alexander, T.W., Shi, X., Jin, L., Thomas, B.W. 2020Heavy grazing over 64 years reduced soil bacterial diversity in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Canada. Appl. Soil. Ecol. 147: 103361long-term grazing; heavy grazing; soil microbial communities
Zhang, B., Beck, R., Pan, Q., Zhao, M., Hao, X.2019Soil physical and chemical properties in response to long-term cattle grazing on sloped rough fescue grassland in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta. Geoderma. 346: 75-83. slope position; soil hydraulic properties;
HYPROP system; soil moisture retention curve;
Zhang, B., Thomas, B.W., Beck, R., Liu, K., Zhao, M., Hao, X. 2018Labile soil organic matter in response to long-term cattle grazing on sloped rough fescue grassland in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta. Geoderma. 318: 9-15.slope position;
soil active carbon; potentially mineralizable nitrogen; soil protein;
water extractable organic carbon and nitrogen
Thompson, D.J., Willms, W.D. 2014Effects of long-term protection from grazing on phenotypic expression in geographically separated mountain rough fescue populations. Can. J. Plant Sci. 94: 33-39.genetic diversity; plant populations; ungrazed
Li, C., Hao, X., Willms, W.D., McAllister, T.A. 2012Responses of herbage and cattle tail switch hair δ15N value to long-term stocking rates on a rough fescue grassland. Soil Sci. Plant Nutr. 58: 326-333.long-term grazing; stocking rate; forage production; cattle condition
Li, C., Hao, X., Willms, W.D., Mengli, Z., Guodong, H. 2010Effect of long-term cattle grazing on seasonal nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in range forage species in the fescue grassland of southwestern Alberta. J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. 1–6.long-term grazing; nitrogen; phosphorus; forage production
Wall, D.H., Bradford, M.A., St. John, M.G., Trofymow, J.A., Behan-Pelletier, V., Bignell, D.E., Dangerfield, J.M., Parton, W.J., Rusek, J., Voigt, W., Wolters, V., Zadeh Gardel, H. … Johnson, D.L….et al.2008Global decomposition experiment shows soil animal impacts on decomposition are climate-dependent. Global Change Biol. 14: 2661-2677. climate decomposition index; decomposition; litter; mesofauna; soil biodiversity; soil
carbon; soil fauna
Willms, W.D., Chanasyk, D.S. 2006Grazing effects on snow accumulation on rough fescue grasslands. Rangeland Ecology and Management 59: 400-405.grazing; winter
Moisey, D.M., Willms, W.D., Bork, E.W.2006Effect of standing litter on rough fescue utilization by cattle. Rangeland Ecology and Management 59: 197-203.forage utilization; litter
Mengli, Z., Willms, W.D., Bing, H., Laroche, A.2005Effects of heavy grazing pressure on the random amplified polymorphic DNA marker diversity of mountain rough fescue (Festuca campestris Rydb.) in south western Alberta. Can. J. Plant Sci 85:623-629.grazing; forage production
Moisey, D.M., Bork, E.W., Willms, W.D. 2005Non-destructive assessment of cattle forage selection: a test of skim grazing in Fescue Grassland. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 94: 205-222.grazing; forage production
Fu, Y.B., Thompson, D., Willms, W., Mackay, M. 2005Long-term grazing effects on genetic variability in mountain rough fescue. Rangeland Ecol. & Manage. 58: 637-42.long-term grazing; genetic diversity
Chanasyk, D.S., Mapfumo, E., Willms, W.D., Naeth, M.A. 2004Quantification and simulation of soil water on grazed fescue grassland watersheds. J. Range Manage. 57: 169-177soil water
Mapfumo, E., Chanasyk, D.S., Willms, W.D. 2004.2004Simulating daily soil water under foothills fescue grazing with the Soil and Water Assessment Tool model. Hydrological Processes 18: 2787-2800.soil water; grazing
Bogen, A.D., Bork, E.W., Willms, W.D.2003Defoliation impacts on Festuca campestris (Rydb.) plants exposed wildfire. J. Range Manage. 56: 375-381.grazing; forage production; wildfire; climate change
May, K.W., Willms, W.D., Mengli, Z., Lysyk, T.J. 2003An assessment of variation in foothills rough fescue [Festuca campestris (Rydb.)] in southern Alberta. Can. J. Plant Sci. 83:541-550.genetic variation; grazing; winter; reclamation
Whalen, J.K., Willms, W.D., Dormaar, J.F. 2003Soil carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in modified rangeland communities. J. Range Manage. 56: 665-672.soil carbon; nitrogen; phosphorus; plant communities
Bork, E.W., Adams, B.W., Willms, W.D. 2002Resilience of foothills rough fescue, Festuca campestris, rangeland to wildfire. Canadian Field Naturalist. 116(1): 51-59.wildfire; NOTE: not located at Stavely Research Station
Chanasyk, D.S., Mapfumo, E., Willms, W.D. 2002Quantification and simulation of surface runoff from fescue grassland watersheds. Agric. Water Management 59: 137-153.soil water
Mapfumo, E., Willms, W.D., Chanasyk, D.S. 2002Water quality of surface runoff from grazed fescue grassland watersheds in Alberta. Water Qual. Res. J. of Can. 37:543-562. grazing; soil water
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Clapperton, M.J., Kanashiro, D.A., Behan-Pelletier, V.M. 2002Changes in abundance and diversity of microarthropods associated with Fescue Prairie grazing regimes. Pedobiologia 46: 496-511.soil microbial community; insects; arthropods
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Dormaar, J. F., Willms, W.D. 2000Rangeland management impacts on soil biological indicators in southern Alberta. J. Range Manage. 53: 233-238.soil microbial communities
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Willms, W.D, King, J., Dormaar, J.F. 1998Weathering losses of forage species on the fescue grassland in southwestern Alberta. Can. J. Plant Sci. 78: 265-272.forage production
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