Universities partnering for research study into rangeland recovery following last October’s grass fires

CHAT News Today: Medicine Hat, AB May 2, 2018 by Charles Lefebvre. EDMONTON, AB — Universities in Alberta and Saskatchewan are partnering for a research program and study into rangeland recovery following wildfires, and they’re looking for ranchers and farmers from Hilda, Acadia Valley and the Burstall Area. The University of Alberta and the University of Saskatchewan are partnering on the study, which they hope to get underway this summer. Cameron Carlyle, a professor of rangeland ecology at the University of Alberta, says the grass fires last fall in those regions which destroyed more than 60,000 hectares of land, was the inspiration for the program. “Understanding the recovery of these systems is important as we move forward,” he over the phone from Edmonton. “We’re looking at how the rangelands in these systems will recover from that wildfire and determine the best way to manage it.” Carlyle says the study will examine how quickly the land will recover from the fires, and when it is safe for cattle to start grazing. Carlyle adds his hope is the study will also help provide understanding into wildfires and recovery. Read more about the post-fire rangeland recovery study.